Our Story

Our life journey started on a business trip for Brian to San Francisco and by fate puting us together. It was pretty much love at first sight and we've never looked back. Our relationship started out a little different than most. Our first years were spent wishing California and Colorado were not so far apart. Our love grew stronger through daily phone calls and near weekly flights over the Rocky Mountains. Though our ages are separated by a few birthdays, our love, compassion and ability to grow as a committed couple has lead to a life that has endless possibilities. We have been blessed many times with our love for each other, our good health, family, friends and support we can give to those in need. The next chapter in our book of life will be to provide a child (or children) with a healthy, stable and loving home. As you can read from our individual pages we both came from large families. We look forward having a family of our own and sharing our lives for the many years ahead of us.

Together we enjoy day trips to the beach, walking, hiking, cycling, camping near our home and exploring the city. We love film, music, local restaurants, and sporting events. We love going to Disneyland and having unlimited free passes through Pixar! We regularly cheer on two of our home team favorites, the San Francisco Giants and the San Jose Earthquakes Soccer Club.  We cannot wait to watch the Giants clinch a third World Series title and for our second year as season ticket-holders with the Earthquakes.